What Should I Write
2/20/2019 1:55:00 PM by: Rona Barksdale Shirdan

Once you’ve decided you want to be a writer, the next question is “What should I write”? There are so many opportunities for a writer to consider. Graphic novels? Picture Books? Middle Grade? Mysteries? Young Adult? Magazines? Board books? Lots of possibilities!

Start off by figuring out which genre you enjoy reading most. Usually there is one that you seek out more than others. Also, look at your writing. Is there a pattern that you see in your words and plot lines? Is the main character a pre-school child, a precocious tomboy, or an adolescent teen? Do you enjoy researching facts or would you rather use poetic language or puns? All of this gives you a glimpse of your VOICE.

When you think you’ve landed on the right mix, sit down and begin writing. If the words start to flow and you find you’re enjoying yourself, you may have found your niche! Keep it going!


  • Share with me: What is your niche? Does it seem to be a good fit?

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