Writing with EEEs provides Education, Encouragement, and Editing for unpublished, and newly published writers.

Often, new writers are unsure where to start. How should they organize their day? What classes should they take? What groups should they join? Many give up or lose confidence in their ability to get published for a first, or even second, time. Our hope is to provide access to resources that will teach the craft of writing, explain the publishing business, and help writers grow.

We have a unique and interactive weekly accountability system created in our Facebook Group called EEEs Your Way Through the Week. There, we celebrate our successes, no matter how small. We give writers support and encouragement through community.

Our weekly blog, EEEs into Writing, provides resources and tips that give beginners guidance and confidence on their writing journey.

Writing with EEEs - Education, Encouragement, and Editing ... with a personal touch!

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